3 Reasons for Rigging Accidents
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3 Reasons for Rigging Accidents

Construction Site Safety Tips

by Lindsey Ullmer on 07/24/14

In order to avoid injuries on site, safety on construction sites is of the up most importance. We’ve come up with some tips to help you avoid accidental injuries:

Personal Equipment – Prevention is always the best protection. Head protection should always be worn in construction areas and other protective gear, like slip-resistant boots and masks, should be worn when appropriate.

Stairways – Stairways should be kept clear of dirt and especially of debris to avoid trips and falls. You can also cover stairs with treads to avoid slipping.

Focus on What You Know – Construction workers each have a job to do, and they’re good at that job because it’s what they we’re trained to do. If your company isn’t in the business of moving large equipment, why would you try to do so? At US Rigging, we specialize in moving single pieces and entire plants, along with dismantling services. When you’re in need of insured heavy equipment movers, look no further than US Rigging.

Moving Heavy Equipment:

by Lindsey Ullmer on 07/24/14

If you are a factory or business owner who frequently moves heavy equipment from one facility to another than you know that it can be an incredible hassle.


Moving this heavy equipment takes a special loading car that can bear the weight of the materials inside. These loading cars feature special truck beds designed to maintain the weight of industrial equipment.


You can rent this loading equipment or even buy it from special facilities but this adds an extra cost to the move of your equipment.


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Moving your Entire Plant:

by Lindsey Ullmer on 05/12/14

Moving your industrial plants location can quickly become an operational nightmare. There are many factors to moving locations so there are many things to keep in mind.

The most important thing to remember is to stay calm no matter what happens. You are the leader of this move and you must be a stand for your company.

If any items are small enough to be purchased in the new location, such as desks and other simple equipment simply leave behind the old desks.

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3 Construction Equipment Game Changers

by Lindsey Ullmer on 04/21/14

1.       Caterpillar M318D MH Waste Handler – You’ve seen this beast of a machine on any construction site in your city. This is one of the most used pieces of construction equipment. With 167 horsepower it can handle any job you throw at it.

2.       Bell B50D Articulated Dump Truck – Throw whatever you want in the back of this truck, this thing will be able to haul it! This 488 horsepower truck is the largest model sold in North America, because it doesn’t get any better than this.

3.       Komatsu D61EXI-23 Dozer - The D61EXI-23 is the bulldozer of the future. Complete with a touchscreen that lets you switch modes and one of the best in forward visibility from the driver seat. This dozer isn’t just powerful, it’s innovative.

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3 Reasons for Rigging Accidents

by Lindsey Ullmer on 04/09/14

  1. Lack of Training: When lifting rigged loads, with each lift, machinery raises possible tons upon tons of materials. Therefore, training rigging personnel thoroughly to ensure expert-level handling of every movement is necessary to decrease hazard possibility.
  2. Miscalculated Load Weight: Riggers determine how to lift each load based on that load’s weight. Miscalculating a load’s weight can lead to unstable lifts, which are highly dangerous.
Equipment Malfunction: Checking equipment regularly is important to ensure safety in the workplace. Training rigging personnel to understand both lifting